The HydroClutch employs conventional drilling technology with the addition of a specialized drilling-based motor system as a method of drilling horizontal wells. The revolutionary alternative to rotary steerable allows the operator to utilize the benefits of a conventional BHA while at the same time, capitalizing on the advantages of continuous drill string rotation.

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The HydroClutch system utilizes a conventional bottom hole assembly with the addition of a specialized drilling motor-based device. This system acts as a hydraulic clutch to produce torque from drill string rotation. This torque is then used to control and steer the BHA as it counteracts the torque generated from the drilling motor. As a purely mechanical device that performs like a “Point the Bit” system, the HydroClutch is a cost effect method to drilling longer reach horizontal wells.

HydroClutch Benefits

Reduced cost to production in conventional drilling applications by improving ROP, reducing torque and drag and eliminating slides
Further cost savings in the completion of the well with reduced doglegs, improved borehole quality.
Simple installation and operation. The HydroClutch is installed above the BHAwith no additional set up required
No additional electronics – compatible with existing MWD technologies
Easily adjustable for a variety of mud motors and drilling conditions
Limits torque output preventing the damaging effects of “stalling” the PDM
Uses familiar conventional drilling methods. Controlled by balancing rpm and WOB

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