SRD Ratler Series


The Ratler

The original negative pressure pulse vibration device was developed to minimize friction and improve ROP while drilling extended reach wells.

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Graph Notes:

In the graph below you can see that with the negative pulse and low frequency we are able to achieve a larger differential pressure pulse with less of a stand pipe pressure increase.


An axial vibration is produced by a negative pressure pulse that is created by venting fluid to the annulus at a controlled frequency. A shock sub, unique to the Ratler, transmits this negative pulse into a high magnitude axial oscillation, which breaks static friction between the drill string and the annulus wall.


Technical Specifications

Tool ID (SRD-Shock Sub) 5.00” (127 mm) 6.75” (171 mm)
Overall Length 227” (5.67 m) 250” (6.35 m)
Weight 800 lbs. (363 kg) 1,500 lbs. (680 kg)
Low Flow 100-250 gpm (0.38-0.95 m³/min) 300-450 gpm (1.14-1.7 m³/min)
Standard Flow 150-300 gpm (0.57-1.14 m³/min) 300-650 gpm (1.14-2.46 m³/min)
High Flow 300-650 gpm (1.14-2.46 m³/min) 600-900 gpm (2.28-3.41 m³/min)
Maximum Operating Temperature 300°F (150°C) 300°F (150°C)
Operating Frequency 3-4 Hz 3-4 Hz
Operational Pressure Drop Generated 200-400 psi (1,375-2,750 kPa) 250-450 psi (1,720-3,100 kPa)
Max Pull 380,000 lbs. (1,690 kN) 693,000 lbs. (3,083 kN)
Torsional Load To Yield Body Connection 17,000 ft.lbs. (23,050 Nm) 48,000 ft.lbs. (65,080 Nm)
Connections (*Other Connections Available Upon Request) 31/2 IF & 4 FH 41/2 IF

Additional Results

Example 1: Without a Ratler from 9700ft-11400ft depth, slides were on average 6.5% of rotating ROP

Example 2: Series 2 Ratler, from 11400ft-16300ft depth, sides were on average 23.3% of rotating ROP

Example 3: Ratler from 16300ft-19200ft depth, slides were on average 13.3% of rotating ROP


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