Mission Statement

Continuously pursue client satisfaction, product innovation, and operational integrity within the Oil & Gas industry.

Our Operations

As a privately owned and operated Canadian company with divisions in Canada and the United States, CT Energy provides innovative drilling solutions for the global oil & gas market.  We pride ourselves on being a leading-edge service provider that works together with clients to optimize their drilling programs.  Our team of engineers encourages an open forum for clients to address drilling problems as we continue to develop new technology for the industry.

Our Experience

Our experienced team is diverse yet unified by the common goal of servicing our clients better with root that originate in the conception of the Agitator. As a smaller specialized group, optimizing our client’s drilling programs remains our number one priority while continuing to develop new technology for the industry.

Health & Safety

CT Energy is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and those involved in our operations. Providing a safe and secure work environment is essential and is set in place by rules and regulations. Not only is this part of our corporate values, it is ensured through the membership of SECOR and ISNetworld.

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