CT Energy Products

CT Energy provides innovative drilling solutions for the global oil & gas market.

The Haymaker was developed through third party testing, taking the original negative pressure pulse design of the Ratler and what was achieved through our coiled tubing design to create a new patent. As a result, the Haymaker has proven to outperform the Ratler in both performance and durability.

The RotoSteer™ employs conventional drilling technology with the addition of a specialized drilling-based motor system as a method of drilling horizontal wells. The revolutionary alternative to rotary steerable allows the operator to utilize the benefits of a conventional BHA while at the same time, capitalizing on the advantages of continuous drill string rotation.


The Tantrum

The Tantrum is a downhole mechanical device that is used during drilling to reduce static friction and increase ROP. The axial vibration generated through a negative pressure pulse reduces drag and enables a more efficient transfer of weight onto bit.

The Helix

The Helix is a stabilized roller reamer designed to improve the wellbore profile by reaming the doglegs and microledges that hinder the completion of a well when running liner or casing to bottom. Designed to reduce friction and drive weight to bit, the patented helical profile of the cutting rings stabilize the drill string while driving the tool downhole.

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