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The Haymaker is a coiled tubing vibratory/extended reach tool that uses a negative pressure pulse to create an axial force at a low frequency, resulting in a periodic fluid hammer effect which stimulates the coiled tubing to reduce frictional drag.

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  • Extended reach well stimulation operations
  • Extended reach well intervention procedures
  • Extended reach composite bridge plug milling
  • Extended reach fracture hardware milling
  • Extended reach toe preparation
  • Extended reach sand clean-out
  • Extended reach production logging
  • Extended reach abrasive perforating


To achieve maximum tool efficiency, approximately 5%-8% of the fluid being pumped down the coil tubing is vented to the annulus through a nozzle near the bottom of the Haymaker. This venting generates a more efficient negative pressure pulse, which produces the fluid hammer effect responsible for breaking friction. The low frequency negative pressure pulse actuates the coiled tubing over a longer period, allowing the coiled tubing more time to move. The fluid venting also permits slightly higher pump rates, which in turn improves debris removal and well cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Tool Size 2.125″
(54 mm)
(73 mm)
(79.28 mm)
MUL 67″
(1.70 m)
(1.47 m)
(1.67 m)
Weight 45 lb
(20 kg)
105 lb
(48 kg)
132 lb
(60 kg)
Flow Rate 0.71-1.43 bpm
(0.11-0.23 m3/min)
1.2-4.0 bpm
(0.19-0.63 m3/min)
2.4-5.0 bpm
(0.38-0.79 m3/min)
Temperature 350 C
(175o F)
350 C
(175o F)
350 C
(175o F)
Operating Frequency 4-7 Hz 5-8 Hz 5-8 Hz
Differential Pressure 400-800 psi
(2,750-5,515 kPa)
400-800 psi
(2,750-5,515 kPa)
400-800 psi
(2,750-5,515 kPa)
Tensile Strength 20,000 lbf
(89 kN)
78,000 lbf
(347 kN)
129,000 lbf
(574 kN)
Torsional Strength 1,250 ft-lb
(1,695 Nm)
3,500 ft-lb
(4,745 Nm)
3,800 ft-lb
(5,152 Nm)
Threads 1.5″ AMMT
(38.1 mm AMMT)
2.375″ PAC
(60.3 mm PAC
2.375″ API REG
(60.3 mm API REG)

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