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The Tantrum is a downhole mechanical device that is used during drilling to reduce static friction and increase ROP. The axial vibration generated through a negative pressure pulse reduces drag and enables a more efficient transfer of weight onto bit.

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As the pumping pressure acts to expand the shock sub, the localized compression at the tool (WOB transfer) acts to compress the tool. Once the stand pipe pressure is vented to the annulus, the shock sub spring energy and change in stand pipe pressure work together to contract the tool causing an axial force that effectively breaks static drill string friction.

Technical Specifications

Tool ID (SRD-Shock Sub) 5.00″ (127 mm) 6.75″ (171 mm)
Overall Length 227″ (5.76 m) 250″ (6.35 m)
Weight 800 lbs. (363 kg) 1,500 lbs. (680 kg)
Low Flow 100-250 gpm (0.38-0.95 m3/min) 300-450 gpm (1.14-1.7 m3/min)
Standard Flow 150-300 gpm (0.57-1.14 m3/min) 300-650 gpm (1.14-2.46 m3/min)
High Flow 300-650 gpm (1.14-2.46 m3/min) 600-900 gpm (2.28-3.41 m3/min)
Maximum Operating Temperature 300F (150C) 300F (150C)
Operating Frequency 3-4 Hz 3-4 Hz
Operational Pressure Drop Generated 200-400 psi (1,375-2,750 kPa) 250-450 psi (1,720-3,100 kPa)
Max Pull 380,000 lbs. (1,690 kN) 693,000 lbs. (3,083 kN)
Torsional Load To Yield Body Connection 17,000 ft.lbs. (23,050 Nm) 48,000 ft.lbs. (65,080 Nm)
Connections (*Other Connections Available Upon Request) 31/2 IF & 4 FH 41/2 IF

Additional Results

Example 1: Without a Tantrum from 9700ft-11400ft depth, slides were on average 6.5% of rotating ROP

Example 2: Series 2 Tantrum, from 11400ft-16300ft depth, sides were on average 23.3% of rotating ROP

Example 3: Tantrum from 163000ft-192000 depth, slides were on average 13.3% of rotating ROP


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