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6000 Runs & Counting

CT Energy’s leading completion tool, the Toe Tapper, has just completed over 1000 runs in the last year. As a low-frequency friction reduction device for extended reach wells, the unique negative pulse design has proven to be the leading choice for operators in longer, more challenging wells.

The patented negative pulse design of the Toe Tapper originated in the drilling sector of the industry. However, it is the completion sector that has benefited most.

Here is why: 
Like many friction reduction tools, the Toe Tapper produces a fluid hammer effect to stimulate the coiled tubing and reduce drag. Unique to the Toe Tapper however, is the ability to vent excess coil pressure to generate a greater pulse amplitude.

Positive Pulse Tools = Thumbs up
Positive + Negative Pulse Tools = Two Thumbs up

By venting excess pressure, operators are able to pump more and see greater results when positive pulse tools max out on the ability to increase their pulse amplitude. Stronger pulse amplitude equals more energy to move the string. To add to this, the back-pressure from the motor is also vented which only increases the pulse amplitude further and reduces the risk of stalling your motor.

Consistently completing wells 5000m and above with ease, the Toe Tapper excels in the more challenging circumstances by using the excess coil pressure to produce movement of the string.

To find out more on the Toe Tapper for coil Tubing, visit our product page »

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