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HydroClutch: The Game Changer

After extensive research and development the HydroClutch, CT Energy’s latest technology, was recently tested at the Catoosa test facility in Oklahoma. Referred to by the company as “Conventional Plus”, the system proved it’s drilling capabilities in a horizontal well.

So what exactly is a “Conventional Plus” system? 
The HydroClutch system utilizes a conventional bottom hole assembly with the addition of a specialized drilling motor-based device. This system acts as a hydraulic clutch to produce torque from drill string rotation. This torque is then used to control and steer the BHA as it counteracts the torque generated from the drilling motor. As a purely mechanical device that performs like a “Point the Bit” system, the HydroClutch is a cost effect method to drilling longer reach horizontal wells.

What are the benefits? 
As mentioned, the HydroClutch is cost effective. Utilizing conventional drilling methods rather than volatile and costly alternatives, the HydroClutch improves the overall ROP of the well by continuously rotating the drill string reducing torque and drag and eliminating the need to slide. This is achieved while at the same time maintaining the desired well profile accredited to conventional drilling. A smooth, precise wellbore with minimized microledges or doglegs can be expected, decreasing completion costs and reducing time to production. There are no additional electronics included in the system. With simple installation and usage, it uses existing MWD technologies and is easily adjusted for a variety of mud motors and drilling conditions.

What was that about passing the test? 
The HydroClutch was recently proven in well HPACEwell 1A at the Catoosa test facility. Drilling out 100ft of cement and steering into open hole for another 100ft, the system proved the ability to hold tool face while at the same time allowing for clear communication from the MWD. Further analysis has been scheduled through field trials with clients in the coming weeks.

*Actual footage from test showing the ability to find, maintain and control tool face


Please click the following link to see the results of this test as well as further info on the HydroClutch »

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